The efficacy and role of tea crystal

The efficacy and role of tea crystal Deegnt

The efficacy and role of tea crystal


Tea crystal  belongs to the triangular crystal system. It is a very down-to-earth energy stone, which can open up the energy of the legs and enhance the sense of security.



Tea crystal  has all the properties of a crystal. Its color ranges from light yellow, true yellow, orange yellow, to golden yellow. Citrine is often used as a crystal to attract wealth, and this is not just because of the beautiful meaning that people entrust. Natural Tea crystal  is gorgeous, rich and clear, just like a golden orange. As one of the most precious and rare varieties of crystals, it is deeply loved by everyone. Its bright and bright color is a symbol of wisdom and joy, and it is also a famous crystal of wealth.

Boost self-confidence

Tea crystal , which is as warm as the sun, has a very powerful effect of helping fortune, which can enhance wealth fortune. Yellow has been a symbol of wealth since ancient times. Its powerful yellow energy will inject new momentum into you, making your own energy more powerful, thus attracting the arrival of good luck and wealth. Yellow corresponds to the sun chakra of the crystal chakra. The element is fire, and fire is power and purification. It can help you better purify the energy in your heart and enhance your self-confidence.

Block negative energy 

In addition to attracting wealth, wearing Tea crystal  has a special energy that is more rational thinking when encountering things. Tea crystal  corresponds to the sun wheel, which can separate the distance between the human and the sensual. When we encounter things, we don't need to think at the perceptual level. Wearing citrine can enhance the ability to think with rational thinking, and let us find better solutions from multiple angles and dimensions. More rational judgment and choice, in our daily life, we often need to choose, what to eat? Change jobs? Moving? These things may seem small, but they have to be chosen. When you don't know how to choose, you can wear citrine, it can help you. Not only that, wearing Tea crystal  can let you get rid of the backlogged emotions and blocked negative energy faster.

The high-frequency vibration light energy possessed by Tea crystal  can dissolve the negative energy generated in the body,And trigger the flow of the original energy in the body, activate the root chakra,At the same time, it can also purify the negative energy of the environmental magnetic field.

This is the most significant healing effect of Tea crystal .The energy of rainbow Tea crystal  is more powerful!


When you are choosing the edge and don't know where to go, maybe you can try to wear a Tea crystal , touch it, calm down, the sun wheel will help you open your mind, learn to be more rational is to think, maybe you will get a you wanted answer.