The 8 major functions and functions of pink crystal, the meaning of pink crystal is introduced

The 8 major functions and functions of pink crystal, the meaning of pink crystal is introduced Deegnt

The 8 major functions and functions of pink crystal, the meaning of pink crystal is introduced

Pink crystal (rose crystal) is also known as hibiscus crystal, hibiscus stone, rose crystal. It is a type of quartz and is a famous love gem. The transparency of pink crystals ranges from opaque to semi-transparent to transparent. It is one of the most popular and worn crystal gemstones by women. Pink crystals form pink due to the trace amount of titanium in them. The main producing areas of pink crystal are Brazil and Madagascar. Pink crystal emits a mild and attractive pink light, which can make people around you love yourself, and pink crystal has the meaning of enhancing popularity.

About the efficacy and role of powder crystal.


1. Pink crystal, mainly develops the heart chakra, strengthens the health of heart and lung function, can relax tension, relieve irritability, help to go deep into the heart, discover self and improve understanding.

2. Pink crystal has the effect of improving emotional crisis, reducing emotional troubles, and treating spiritual pain. For lovers, pink crystal can improve the relationship between you and the other half, bring you a happy emotional life, and help you with lovelorn. Love trauma can reduce emotional troubles, and then enjoy love and grasp it.

3. Pink crystal is the gem of love. It can enhance the pink light in its own aura. Pink light is also the color of the goddess of love to show love, which can promote love luck and bring love.

4. Pink crystal exudes a gentle and attractive pink light, which can help improve interpersonal relationships, increase popularity and business relationship, and is the best weapon to open the door for business.

5. Pink crystal is a healing crystal. The effect and speed of its healing of mental pain is far above its other effects and also above other crystals, so it is recommended for some people who have suffered mental damage or suffered some painful events. Wearing pink crystals to soothe their minds is the most real and most effective effect of pink crystals.

6. The role of pink crystal is to attract contacts, open the wearer's heart, and make the wearer feel happy. The reason why pink crystal is rumored to be able to attract peach blossoms is precisely because its most fundamental role is to attract contacts, and many businesses will take pink crystal. The raw ore, or the polished parts (such as the pink crystal seven-star array) are placed in a special position of the store for the store to attract popularity.

7. When putting it on an individual, because pink crystal can bring people contacts, and naturally it can also bring us new social circles, so if you feel that your interpersonal circle is very narrow, you need to expand your circle, Then consider wearing rose quartz to expand your network. This is one of the most popular effects of pink crystal, and it is also the reason why people love pink crystal.

8. Pink crystal is one of the very cheerful crystals. It will encourage the wearer to strive to pursue the happiness in their hearts, so it is very suitable for people who have strong self-control ability, but do not feel happy, especially those who are more restrained. , Pink crystal can disperse the irritable mentality of this crowd, make the mood peaceful and happy. After wearing pink crystal, although they did not expect to attract peach blossoms or improve their connections, they always felt happy, and it was for this reason.


Pink crystal meaning

Pink crystal is the stone of love. Pink crystal can enhance the pink light in its own aura. Pink is the color of Venus, the god of love, showing love. Wearing pink crystal jewelry can also help you heal the wounds of love, reduce emotional troubles, and then enjoy and grasp love. Pink crystal helps to increase the business relationship and reduces the vigilance, comparison and preparedness of consumers. It can be purchased with confidence and is the best weapon for the service industry that opens doors for business. In business places or places where people come and go frequently, pink crystals can be displayed to establish good public relations. Wearing pink crystal on the left hand can soften your temperament, and wearing the right hand can enhance your attractiveness to the outside world.